I’m still a dreamer

I’m still a dreamer.

On a windy day like today, I still wonder about the subtle nature of our motivations, hopes and expectations, about our inspirations, desires, goals and (sometimes distracting) wants. How some of them will grow into reality and others will slowly slip into the realm of the unreal and forgotten…

I’m still a dreamer. – Although I don’t remember my dreams so clearly anymore

I still believe we can change the world. – Even if just by changing ourselves

I still think we can make things that matter. – Let’s try to envision a purpose, making a service

That there is value to give and that life will be worthy. – There will always be moments of doubt, but they’ll pass too

I still believe we can achieve our truest dreams and become our truest selves. – But where are the instructions to follow along?

May we find what drives us, makes us feel more alive, more free, independent, more ourselves.

I aim to live without second guessing, with more excitement than fear, leading my own way and looking ahead.

May we still play and have fun but get serious about living before dying.

May our dreams get more vivid until they get real, may we live free and true like in our dreams.

I don’t think there’s a choice, but to believe that we must dream and believe in our dreams, as we must believe in ourselves and who we are and we’ll become.

May we let those blurry images get clearer, grow from the seabed to the surface. Let’s still be dreamers on a day like today.

PS: personal dreams have been a recurrent topic in my thoughts for many years and I guess they’ll be a constant for many more. Maybe is it because dreams never die?


Sea you soon!


Thank you for your time!

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March 3rd, 2024


Create, Dream