Lucky us, on a Sunday

Have you listened to the wind, seen all the colors of the sky, breathed in all the places on Earth, heard remote rivers and tasted the salty water of foreign seas?

A little dream

There are many riches to dream about, but so many more than those we can actually imagine. I dream of peaceful days ruled by needs and not the clock. To follow the sun, watch nature do its thing, while I do mine. To take care of myself, of my surroundings and other people. The dolce far niente. The sounds of happy voices and cheerful music. Don’t you want to choose what to do (not just what to buy) and where to go? Today and tomorrow.

I’d like to live more of life as a Sunday afternoon. But not as any Sunday. Not foreseeing Monday (with anxiety or stress), and without the laziness of a too stuffed stomach. Instead, feel the drive to get on with some new adventure or new project and forget about anything else. Or maybe let the light of the afternoon move slowly across the pages of a book that transports you to other lives, while a cat sits on your feet in a cozy afternoon.

Glimpses of that life

There’s a place where jewellery can be picked up by the road as flowers that bloom in every shape and color. You can walk barefoot until high noon, when you’ll be jumping from shadow to shadow. There are secluded beaches with clear waters. And you can watch them from the cliffs, by the swirling pine trees.

You can live this, if you choose the right time. I know a place like this. But sometimes, it feels far from life, from everyday life. If you’d walk a bit further, if you’d follow new roads, you may find another piece of paradise. And you may be able to find one to your taste, of your own, too. I just guess, though, it’s better to search outside peak summer season.

The pleasures of the low season

What I’m trying to say is that the world is renewed when most people are back to their routines. Strangely (but happily for us all-year beach-goers) most people only care about the beach during the hottest days of summer. How lucky we are, the ones who can enjoy it all year long!

And I can tell you, I know I haven’t yet enjoyed all the moments and jewels the beach and sea have to offer. I mostly just go for a run by the seaside on the weekends when I don’t ride my bike, but also on holidays or any day off I’m not too tired. It is a really magical day if I get to surf, or bodysurf or paddle out, at least. Other times, I stroll along the coast, in my roller skates, and that’s a different kind of mini adventure that’s also immensely enjoyable when most tourists, and locals, are gone.

I was still able to get into the water November 1st, early in the morning, swimming only with the company of fish, during my run. And on Sunday 13th when on a walkI did it again! This time, though, I had a jacket waiting for me at the shore. It was cool, but the chance and short experience of being underwater, on a sunny day, with the beautiful blue hues, the silver fish shining around and an almost matching temperature between water and air felt empowering, refreshing and a little out of this world.

And there must be more

There’s so much to learn about the world. I’d like to know about the winds, learn about the weather just by taking a look at the sky, to see all the wildlife that hides around us, about the many plants that are of use and edible… I love that we are surrounded by opportunities to enjoy beautiful things (from the beach to the mall) and that we can easily reach out and get what we like or need.

How lucky we are, and how much luckier we could grow to be if we knew more, if we knew better and explored more. About the big things, the small things, and specially about all the world around us. Wanderlust, I’m feeling you.

Sea ya’ around, and have a nice time!

~ L·S

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November 20th, 2022