New Year wishes

beach scene 2023

I’m already kinda sad for leaving behind the Christmas spirit. Although now it’s the time to conjure the magic of these days and set the vision for the New Year. So here I (digitally) toast:

To a year filled with magic and enjoyment, peaceful moments, enjoying the good times, the places and the company. Growing a little bit every day, doing more of what makes you feel alive.

I wish you fill your camera roll with new locations, many beaches and sunshine, getting sand inside all your shoes and keeping seashells in every bag…

That you find and write love notes and thank you cards, go on new adventures, sleep tight, get fresh air in your lungs and sore muscles.

That you discover nice smells and new flavours, get the right dose of dopamine and have plenty of creativity and courage.

I hope your work pays off and you get lucky, and that you always have a smile ready to jump to your lips. Let’s do good and lead our own great life.

Those are my wishes for the New Year.

palmtrees in christmas lights

Palm trees covered in lights = wonderful Christmas

My personal note and wishes for the new year

I’ve written plenty (privately) and thought a lot about the past year, but I’ll spare you the ramblings. It’s been good and it will be better. Hope it’s the same for all of us. Because a world populated by happy humans is a happy world!

So I’m signing off this year without new, bigger shiny goals nor resolutions – what for, I’m still saving some from past years :P. But, instead, I’ll keep growing my confidence. Especially by continuing to develop habits and routines while also accumulating moments that build a fulfilling life. By pursuing balance, making work fun, or playing for work, or just doing a bit of both. I’ll keep curating a beautiful, simple life (if that’s possible) that is meaningful to myself. And to that end, you can expect many ideas and projects that I’ll be sharing and will keep us all inspired!

There’s been light (and I do have plenty of beach photos on my phone) shining this year, and I hope the next one will be even brighter. There’s a lot to come! Let’s ride this wild New Year! Actually, the most important part is to make it alive!

PS: on another note, the mantra for my year should be “what’s made with love is done well”. Do you have one yourself? Have your wishes for the new year changed from the past one?

~ L·S

winter sunrise at sea

Winter sunrises and plenty of boats on sight

christmas desserts

Here’s the Christmas’ desserts, homemade by the family chef (Mum of course)

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December 31st, 2022


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