S drop cap: Sea, Sun, Sand…

How many words can you think that start with S… and make you happy?

Any excuse is good to get on a creative challenge. For this one, I wanted to draw an S… or two. Because I realized there are so many words starting with S that I enjoy… and they are pretty beachy too 😉

So I got to sketching, and writing.

Here we go. Starting with S, good-looking (sounding) words

Many of the following words are actually inspiring. And a staple in my vocabulary and mind.

  • Sea. The place to go, where to be, my north. I use it as a compass to know where I am.
  • Sun (and sunshine). Vital as the air. My live improves by 80% when it shines.
  • Sand. There’s some inside all my shoes (except high-heel boots)
  • Salt. My favorite condiment. And I enjoy it in my skin, lips and hair. That means it’s been a good day.
  • Surfing. The sport that changed my view in life. The excuse to look at the blue horizon for hours on end.
  • Summer. Best season. Long days, not much clothing. I’m almost a different person in summer, my vitality sky rocks.
  • Swell. Wave after wave, the movement of the sea, a natural show, the expectation of good things coming.
  • Sailing. To become part of something else. Much like riding the waves, but in a different way. Moving in a blue mass, without road, in the middle of nature… It’s quite a feeling.
  • Seasons. The passing of time. They come and go, and change me, and change life all around. I prefer summer, but I love parts of each of them and I’m always sad and happy when they end.
  • Shorebreak. Place for the show, where the action happens. And if I’m not gonna be in it, I’d wish I had my camera to shoot some breaking waves.
  • Shells. I prefer them over jewels. They are the mermaids treasures, and I see them in the same way. I have to stop myself often to not take them home during my beach walks and runs.

More generic, but not less remarkable

  • Scenic. Always choose the scenic path. I’m a very visual person, and I get quite a bit of joy of looking at pleasant things. And landscapes (and seascapes, of course) are a big favorite.
  • Secret. It’s good to keep a bit of mystery in life. We share different things with different people, and keeping some thoughts, opinions or activities outside public knowledge can be enjoyable. And if you share them with someone else and is a shared experience, it can be as or much meaningful than public displays.

  • Self. That’s one of the big mysteries 😛 . One to learn to know better and love better, to forgive and to care.
  • Sensations. Feelings on the body. A way to know that you are alive. And that you are not an AI I guess.
  • Smiling. One of the best gifts (and verbs). Smiling is healthy and it delivers joy all around. Sending one 🙂

And here they all come together

Sun kissed, with salty hair and sand in the skin. Under a shadow, a warm breeze, only the wound of the breaking waves. Tired but calm and energized after some surfing. Alive and overflown with sensations. There’s still swell, but the shore break uncrowded.

Being (feeling at) home. Friendly people around. Having a place to stay after an active day, a cozy bed. Sweet water, fresh food to cook yourself. Someone along sharing the smiles of the day, the beauty of the shiny water. Fooling around, laughing and enjoying being here right now.

This is my idea of vacation. Throw in some moments to sleep more hours and some time to write, draw, paint and imagine. Taking some nice photos. Freedom to be unproductive.
The dream of an Endless Summer, a vacation that lasts forever. Loving life.

Put me one to go, please!

LS ~ Sea you soon

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May 13th, 2023