The hues and feels of the season

fall change of season
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Are you enjoying the new season so far?

The weather has settled into autumn mode around here. It calls for walks into the woods and by the beach, watching the new colors, noticing the changes in light… And finding the small presents of this new season (???).

If you haven’t been photographing the colors of fall and taking selfies in this new setting, you are already late to the party!

With this fresh air and colourful days comes a new wave of inspiration. And refreshed energies that light the will to start new things. It also sets in motion the wheel of Halloween to Christmas frenzy!

Now it’s the time for wandering and wondering. Collect flowers, leaves, mushrooms, random finds, and natural decorations for your home. Get filled with the festive spirit of the new season. Spend time gathering the perfect pine cones, flowers, and leaves to dry. You can later use them to decorate your space. Or for wrapping Christmas presents, giving them a special touch.

Autumn is a time to slow down and let things fall (away). To let go. I have to surrender to shorter days and fewer hours of light which doesn’t mean more hours of sleep (but should!).

Sea ya’ around, and have a nice time!

~ L·S

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November 5th, 2022


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