To love, to care

Welcome to February! The month of love! (and Carnival and NYFW…)

It must be the saddest month of the year when we look for so many ways to put some sparkle and glow into it! Even the sun has kept shining and we’ve had some (almost unusual) good weather, we all know that the end of January and beginning of February are a little hard. One month into the new year, how are you doing?

Love is in the air

I hope your love life is healthy because, if not, you may be getting daily reminders about it as a lot of ads are now focused on Valentine’s day – sure you’ve noticed. (However, kindly reminder that Valentine’s it’s just an excuse to sell and buy things and has nothing to do with your worth or how loveable you are).

Anyway, I’d do like to celebrate this month of love. Because love is much more than a date, chocolates or gifts between couples. Love is what should be moving the world.

As naive as it sounds, the feeling of love, care, affection, gratitude and good feelings overall deserve the center stage in our lives. It becomes difficult to feel lack or have a victim mentality when you are in a state of gratitude and love. And it’s not just about the feeling you get for a significant other.

We all have at least a few “relationships” going on. And much more.

However, the relationship with thyself and the body is of uttermost importance.

Then there’s our environment, all the people that add to our lives (very obvious) and the places we share.

There’s the feeling of connection with our surroundings and nature, which doesn’t ask much in return.

And there are the activities we dedicate ourselves to (work, hobbies, sports, our craft or passions…).

Finally, there’s the love for life, for being alive and having the opportunities that it grants to us.

Going beyond love

Where we put our energy into should definitely be something we love or care about. But not just our energy, but our attention. Where the mind goes, our steps follow, and we are surely headed for something good when we follow loving thoughts (but we are not talking about stalking anyone!).

I can’t help but think that we are happier when we can put more effort, attention and care to the activities, people and places that are important to us. And I also believe that is by caring that we can improve the world. The things/people/etc. we love deserve more attention than our phones, and by giving them that will later result in more curiosity and knowledge about them, caring better, and feeling more accomplished by giving to them.

At the end of the day, caring for something nurtures our own feelings of love and enhances our own experiences.

I’m afraid we forget there’s value in what we do, wether or not it comes followed by monetary reward.

Our time is limited so it’s worth choosing the causes where we invest it. We’ve all heard that we will receive what we give… and we’ve certainly received a lot, at least the chance to live this life. It’s weird that it feels hard to do things for love (deliberately), when that benefits ourselves the most (even if not in a way we can show off).

May we do it for the love. May we care for us, for our bodies, for our environment and surroundings, for our people, for others.

Let’s love and live and share it all.

PS: the sea is a place I’d say I love and I can’t never stop celebrating it! I really enjoyed creating this artwork, mixing the landscape with the world LOVE and into a wave. I hope you like it too!

And here just a couple of songs to get in the mood!


Sea you soon!


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February 11th, 2024