Wanderlust, or maybe just wonder

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How many people, how many of us have the desire to travel, to go to new places and see new things? To enjoy being somewhere else? The world is open to us. Wanderlust is calling.

By paying a “small” fee, maybe doing a little bit of paperwork, we – many of us, the lucky ones – could go anywhere. It seems like a matter of priorities, really. It’s expensive, but so much cheaper than it once was. Quite easy. Should we save a little more, or can we take a vacation?

We may have different motivations for going on a trip: looking for relaxation, for curiosity, to meet new people, other cultures, see and get to know history, art, culture…, to experience different landscapes, climates, and weather, to have adventures, practice a sport in new locations or for building new relationships or strengthening some current ones, and creating new memories with loved ones…

To me, what is of most relevance, my favorite things about traveling, are:

  • The time to reflect
  • The feeling of self-reliance
  • The kindness of strangers
  • Serendipity
  • The beauty of everything; it’s overwhelming really, so many stimuli
  • The feeling of being the main character and also just a spectator at the same time
  • The disconnection from the usual life (the more I leave behind, the better)
  • Being at places I could never imagine, with so many details, the lights and all that is unexpected…

Even though, traveling is not enough. I prefer to go deeper, and closer.

palm trees, anywhere

Wonder around

Watch for the details you miss daily

Wander to wonder

To wonder at life, here and now, is the real start of the journey. And one of the reasons we also travel.

Wanderlust is a want, a desire, to experience more of the world. It’s the feeling that get us started, ad even we usually think it means we have to go far, it’s not so precise.

To pursue this calling, to travel, will make us feel different. We get to go back home and be a little happier because we’ve experienced other things, but we are back in the comfort of routine and the known.

And at least for a while, we may see our quotidian surroundings, the food, the people, the places…, with new eyes. The wanderlust, the wonder of it, has come home with us. This effect slowly (or quickly) wears off, but the memories last a little longer.

It is often that I find myself longing for some wander time, with a bit of wanderlust (no need to go far, I tell myself), but I get stuck with the routine and unable to get far. As this would disrupt my plans and routines too much. ‘Cause the time is limited to weekends, right? And I already have a lot of things that need to be done by Monday. Or so I think. I’m free, but I’m not. How can that be?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. So what’s the will? Why staying or why going? What’s the desire that drives your routines, and what’s the drive that takes you to the unknown?

What are we spending our chances on?

We gotta face our desires as well as our fears, as acknowledging them is to regain our personal power to truly rule and be consciously responsible for our choices and lives.

So if I’m going to stay and not go on all the exploration trips I long for, I will do it to see myself accomplish all the little tasks. To use my skills and congratulate myself for being engaged, disciplined, and thoughtful about the life I’m building and the things I share.

I’ll live with the consequences and the rewards of following my wanderlust, or hoping it will come visit right here. So I have to make sure that my future self will be okay with today’s decisions. Choosing to stay or choosing to go.

Anyway, if something doesn’t feel like 100% right, beach time will solve it, so that’s my go-to solution for a quick fix for a day.

Vacation, staycation… A faraway destination or an easy trip? What will it be for you?

And what will you be admiring and enjoying in your next w@nder-trip?

The practice

When you look at any place for longer, or with more focus, you discover details and enjoy views you didn’t expect. Look around as if you didn’t know the place and you may find out you are still exploring it, while you realize you don’t know it as well as you thought.

So I’ll go around, looking for my personal paradise. Maybe one day I’ll discover I live in it.

Sea you soon!

~ L·S

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May 1st, 2023