You say goodbye, I say hello

hello autumn, goodby summer
chilling by the beach

It’s been just a blink of an eye and the best part of the year is over. On the wall still reads “Summer is coming” in chalk letters I draw one spring afternoon that seems so far from now (and so close). Autumn began a few days ago, announcing herself clearly. It was a cloudy and rainy week. In just a couple of days, I had to stop wearing shorts and tops, and can’t keep going barefoot against the cool floor of the flat. Now I’m wearing layers, something with sleeves, and socks all day around.


So here it is, when I just got to savor summer, realizing that it was good, it has already finished. Worst of all? No bikini days. If I’m going into the water (and waves allow for surfing), I’ll have to bring my wetsuit with me.

When I had just tasted the good life of bikini surfing days

– it ends.

Can’t say autumn is all bad. It’s only that now there come moments during the day when I’m actually cold. But there are some things that I truly enjoy about this new season:

  • Fewer crowds. The beach is a different place now. Even better.
  • Crisp air and skies. Although the cool is quite defeating when sitting in front of the computer for long hours, it is a blessing when you want to do sport. Now it is a good time for running and also for roller skating. Of course, I’ll be cycling again. My greatest expectation though is to be able to surf, bodyboard, or paddle surf before it becomes really cold (will I make it?- that will be for another epis… post).
  • The rain and cloudy days bring an atmosphere that inspires me to write, to look for home projects to tackle (and which I’m never short of), and to dream of more landscapes, and places where I want to go and photograph.

  • Also, what about all the cozy clothing and plans that come with the chill afternoons? Time for finding a nice coffee shop before the night sets in and getting that favorite sweater from the back of the closet.

Are you ready for autumn? I’m not, but I’ll be trying to make the most of it… and keep dreaming of an endless summer.

Sea ya’ around, and have a nice time!

~ L·S

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October 22nd, 2022