The Library: my list of book recommendations

The Library, readings - book recommendations by Lena Singla. Get inspired to read

I’m an avid reader. I’ve always been. In my twenties I got hooked on reading books about business, self-improvement and mindset, biographies or career advice books, so that’s what I can share more of.

Here are my recommendations. I’ll keep adding to it.

The links will take you to the book page on Goodreads, so you can get info and reviews to further consider if they are of interest to you (they’re not affiliate links and I promote all of them because I chose to and have discovered them on my own).

NEW: Short-reads

Not only books are great for a bit of though, I often come by interesting articles that I’d like to share, but social media is too short-lived for that, so I’ll be adding the links here. For links on sites of interest, please go here where you’ll find my bookmarks.

Books to get better at life:

  • The slight edge : a book that really convinced me to work slowly on becoming better. Hint : the compounding effects of habit.

  • Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less : so helpful for multipassionate people like me, who are used to conforming to expectations and doing the right thing. We sometimes need a little push to learn what is really important and how to prioritise it and in this book we find just the help we need.

On living… more? better?

  • The Art of Frugal Hedonism Is about small tweaks that can make life more enjoyable, minimalistic and somehow luxurious… without having to spend more. An enjoyable read that is also instructional.

  • Wanting: The Power of Mimetic Desire in Everyday Life . There’s a powerful concept of this book and it is also very helpful. How do we know what we want and why? How do our desires relate to our relationships? How are our wants created? How do we have a say in what we want? Dive in this book to get a better idea of how the world works when it seems it’s so much about getting what we want.

Do you need some company in the process of pursuing your call? Grab one of these books:

  • Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear : I liked it, but could not agree about everything. I should probably re-read now. It’s about how to live and experiecne a passion or call, what it takes and what it gives, in the experience of the author of Pray, Eat, Love.

  • John Livingston Seagull : I had to read it twice, the first time (I was very young) I couldn’t stand it but the second time it did touch me. The pursuit of a passion and perfectionism, although also aplicable to a more spiritual search.

Books that will make you run to the sea:

  • Gidget ; the book I wished I had read as a teen

And a bit of love :

  • The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts : different people value different things, different people feel loved or give love in different ways… at it’s of uttermost importance that we know which ways are those for the people we care the most.

What’s on my list?

Books for sailors and sea lovers

Guides for photographers

Readings for entrepreneurs and marketing enthusiasts

  • Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don’t Make Sense. I’m already some chapters in and it’s a very interesting and enjoyable read. It explains situations in which marketing and psychology meet that doesn’t seem rational, even if we are convinced that we are acting rationally. And how advertising does not have to focus on what seems rational. Furthermore, the author helps us understand our behaviours towards what works on ads.

To round it all