The Library: my list of book recommendations

I’m an avid reader. I’ve always been. In my twenties I got hooked on reading books about business, self-improvement and mindset, biographies or career advice books, so that’s what I can share more of. I’ll keep it short and sweet so you don’t need to TL;DR. But I may keep adding to it.

On getting better at life:

  • The slight edge : a book that really convinced me to work slowly on becoming better. Hint : the compounding effects of habit.

  • Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less : so helpful for multipassionate people like me, who are used to conforming to expectations and doing the right thing. We sometimes need a little push to learn what is really important and how to prioritise it and in this book we find just the help we need.

On pursuing your call/ committing to your craft:

  • John Livingston Seagull : I had to read it twice, the first time (I was very young) I couldn’t stand it but the second time it did touch me.

But life is not a rat race, so let’s throw in some other stuff (surf books!):

  • Gidget ; the book I wished I had read as a teen

And a bit of love (because everybody needs it and some extra-education comes inf handy):