A peaceful walk by the beach

a walk by the beach

Capturing the Mediterranean feeling.

When the water is this blue, the trees this green and the sun shining so bright, I just wish I could wonder these coastal paths forever and watch every detail for hours on end.

The quest by the beach

In this photography project, I aim to capture the essence of the Mediterranean. Here, vibrant blue water meets lush green coastal flora under a dazzling sun. Each photograph showcases the unique charm and beauty of this region. I invite viewers to immerse themselves in its serene yet vibrant atmosphere. My goal is to convey the emotions and sensory experiences of wandering these coastal paths. The Mediterranean is more than just a location; it’s a feeling of timelessness and tranquility, where every detail tells a story.

Taking these photographs is living the experience itself. It’s about going on a journey and being surprised by the light on every detail. Observing the changing shadows and colors, the sky shifts from clear to cloudy. The wind rises on the shore, and the day grows shorter. The magic of this place is that it can be a winter day, yet it feels like summer.

This project is a visual journey highlighting the contrast and harmony between nature, light, and textures at the beach. From the ripples of the water and the soft sand to the rugged bark of the pine trees, each element plays a part.

May 18th, 2024