Fall nice bits

A short recap of how these last months felt…


September mornings are the unbeatable when it comes to spending time by the beach. Be it a walk, a run, a swim… these days with cool air but warm sun are a joy. Add a dip in the water, and it just feels amazing.

The light in the sky is more blue, there’s quite and peace and only a few tourists keep populating the beaches.

Now is the time to enjoy. Physical activity is much more enjoyable with the fresh air, whatever sport one wanted to practice. And even in the rainy afternoons, the air is warm enough to enjoy it all: may the rain get you on the way home or you have the opportunity to watch it comfortably through the window at home (better with a mug or book on hand).

These are the days… There’s a special calm, as everyone is resting from the frenzy of summer but still not rushing for Christmas and not hiding from the cold, yet.


November feels like a new story. In fact, it feels almost like Christmas. Some days are warmer, nicer, relaxed… But we’ve changed the hour, it gets dark so soon… Shops have been filled with Christmas stuff for a while, but now the streets are starting to get the lights hung. The sun is even lower. There’s crisp air, there are windy days every week (and some swells on the forecast)…

December kicks hard. The shortest of days, the rush for Christmas and shopping. Everything seems to be about preparing for the festivities… even if they’ll pass as quick. I’ll try to still chase the sun by the beach (but the call to stay in is stronger now) while also dreaming and imagining a white winter wonderland escape…

ps: kindly reminder that winter has not really began, yet.


Sea you soon!


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December 16th, 2023


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