Compilations of my favourite photo sessions and some other passionate art projects.

The things I do, the things I’ve done

It’s been a while since I started as a professional in graphic design and I surely have grown in many ways as a creative and visual communicator.

Here it’s a titbit of past work but you can skip directly to the Good Stuff.

The Job (work+B2B)

Graphic design + branding

I’m trained and have been working as a graphic designer for almost a decade. I’m best friends with Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. The mediums and formats differ, but the job is high on layout design, typography and composition, developing graphics and visual imagery.

I’ve made logos, developed branding, layout catalogs, brochures, presentations, technical sheets, merchandising and lots of image+text for diverse mediums.

Product design

Designing products (fashion accessories and actual products) is a very engaging process, with multiple different tasks at hand. And it also produces very exciting results. From analysing what needs to be created, what are the trends and demands, to thinking through it and drafting a product design that we’ll be physically made, sold and used is really rewarding. Specailly when seeing it out there, on the streets.

It’s addictive and a great place to flex creativity in 2d and 3D. And as in-house designer for the brands Gladiator, John Travel and Vogart I’ve got the chance to make and collaborate in bringing many bags and luggage to life.

Photography and visual content

Graphic design usually calls for more than creating a composition with text. And it’s fun to be able to craft visual messages with fonts and forms and color (the only limit is one’s creativity!). But more often than not, you’d want to accompany your offer, your claim or message with imagery. Or just showing your product and letting it speak for itself.

I enjoy using the resources at hand to create appealing images. Mostly with product at the center stage, although my favorite assignment would be shooting outdoors with stunning views.


I rely heavily on illustrating when designing and creating. It’s a powerful tool and resource. I’ve done a good fair amount of vector illustration, which is very effective for commercial communication, but I gravitate towards mixed media, where the hand made aesthetic is upgraded by digital finishing.