Desert calls

There’s something special about deserts (or semideserts). The forms, textures, colours, the air, the winds and sand… They are intriguing and don’t feel so different from looking at an open sea… Yet you can explore that outdoor beauties by car and walking, while slowly (or quickly) realizing how much there is to see and discover […]

Pastel Beach

Soft hues and breaking waves during a cloudy winter sunrise on the beach. The fluid movements of the waves, even when they break, make for a constant rhythm that settle the storm of thoughts in our minds. Tarragona, 2021

Sky drama

Dramatic skies, casually captures. If only could I get more of these in pictures… Do not forget to look up, so you don’t miss the wonderful colors up there just outside your own window. Tarragona, 2021-2022


Fancy big shiny things of the ocean… man made. Kind of mesmerizing, even not so much as the sea surface. Tarragona, 2022

Wake up beach

The Dream of waking up to beach sights, with the light playing with the water, while feeling the crips early breeze and smelling the coffee brewing while you enjoy the view. Salou, 2021

Tropical Fantasy Collection

    I created this collection out of a desire to create something new and fresh after going on vacation to the Philippines and having a fresh perspective on the “dream” vacations and the imaginary we all have around tropical destinations. I explored patterns and shapes for activewear in a way that was fitting and […]