I’m still a dreamer

I’m still a dreamer. On a windy day like today, I still wonder about the subtle nature of our motivations, hopes and expectations, about our inspirations, desires, goals and (sometimes distracting) wants. How some of them will grow into reality and others will slowly slip into the realm of the […]

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French waters ahead

No, sadly, this is not a post of my vacations in France, tasting la vie en rose. This September I started going to class for french and I wanted to write a little bit about it. Just to remember how it is to start something new like this. When we […]

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5 things I love about my city life

How do you find life in the city? I haven’t always been living here and even it has its challenges, it’s nice to rejoice in all the small pleasures it brings. So I’d like to detail some of them and maybe inspire you to think about what you love about […]

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A winter wonderland

To dream of winterscapes, be it from memory or imagination, is there anything else to think about right now? Let’s get to it. Time has stopped, the clock has lost its purpose. Now, here, there’s no rush for anything. Forgetting what time it is, when to eat, when to go […]

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January 20th, 2024 | Dream

Stories of age

Reflecting around age now that I got to “the great 30’s”, the image I perceive in the media, the expectations and my lessons learned during my 20’s.

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December 31st, 2023 | Dream

Dear Santa, this is my wish list

Dear Santa, This year has seen me go up and down, again and again in the constant quest for balance. And for all that has been on the positive side I thank my stars and hope to learn from the rest. And I wish for bigger chances and renewed motivation […]

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December 22nd, 2023 | Dream

Fall nice bits

A short recap of how these last months felt… SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER September mornings are the unbeatable when it comes to spending time by the beach. Be it a walk, a run, a swim… these days with cool air but warm sun are a joy. Add a dip in the […]

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Wanderlust, or maybe just wonder

How many people, how many of us have the desire to travel, to go to new places and see new things? To enjoy being somewhere else? The world is open to us. Wanderlust is calling. By paying a “small” fee, maybe doing a little bit of paperwork, we – many […]

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New Year wishes

I’m already kinda sad for leaving behind the Christmas spirit. Although now it’s the time to conjure the magic of these days and set the vision for the New Year. So here I (digitally) toast: To a year filled with magic and enjoyment, peaceful moments, enjoying the good times, the […]

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Blue autumn art or How Christmas breaks my heart

Winter is wonderful… Let’s set the scene. There are lights, lots of stuff, colors, crowds of people on the streets. Lots of messages inspiring and guiding us during our holiday shopping, for the presents and for the preparations of the festivities. It’s autumn, and it all started just after Halloween. […]

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Lucky us, on a Sunday

Have you listened to the wind, seen all the colors of the sky, breathed in all the places on Earth, heard remote rivers and tasted the salty water of foreign seas? A little dream There are many riches to dream about, but so many more than those we can actually […]

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November 20th, 2022 | Dream

The hues and feels of the season

Are you enjoying the new season so far? The weather has settled into autumn mode around here. It calls for walks into the woods and by the beach, watching the new colors, noticing the changes in light… And finding the small presents of this new season (???). If you haven’t […]

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Enchanted beach spirit

There are shadows, more like reflections, wandering the seashore on all coasts around the world. Some walk aimlessly but some are a different kind of spirit. Always a bikini under the small clothes. A tan and freckles instead of makeup. Shiny eyes squint at the bright reflections of the sea […]

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October 30th, 2022 | Dream

You say goodbye, I say hello

It’s been just a blink of an eye and the best part of the year is over. On the wall still reads “Summer is coming” in chalk letters I draw one spring afternoon that seems so far from now (and so close). Autumn began a few days ago, announcing herself […]

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October 22nd, 2022 | Dream